21/03/2024 - 18/05/2024

In conjunction with the Salon du Dessin and PAD Paris, Marie Bérangère Gosserez invites

art historian and collector Edwart Vignot.

Together, they compose a game of correspondence, not without a certain sense of humor and aesthetics, between contemporary design pieces and antique drawings.

"Here, a Celine Salomon side table embarks on a voluble pas de deux with a ballerina study sketched on blue paper from the reign of Napoleon the 3rd. There, a Pierre Lapeyronnie floor lamp arches its back three times in the company of a majestic black cat drawn in charcoal and furiously reminiscent of Steinlen drawings.

Over here, a sketched cloud in oil paints from the 1840s attempts to control the weather but, above all, seeks luminous harmony with a Diane de Kergal sculpture, without forgetting the conversation between an Aztec sculpture and a grand Mila Halizova canvas, which bridges over five centuries to connect us to our history of aesthetics, whether it be votive, decorative, or utilitarian.

There are even more surprises, like a forest of brown hues, attributed to an artist close to Eugène Carrière, which seems to be the natural backdrop for this arborescent walnut chair by Georges Mohasseb. " 

Edwart Vignot, exhibition curator