Diane de Kergal

Diane de Kergal

Interior architect and designer, self-taught, Diane de Kergal has been carrying out residential projects for 15 years for numerous personalities in Paris and abroad.
Resolutely minimalist, she shapes her worlds as a tightrope walker, In the permanent search for a balance between pure lines and raw materials. She follows her instinct, tries to tame the light through flexible forms. Inspired by her travels, she starts drawing cocoons ... to discover in the Cévennes a breeding of silkworms virtuoso in the matter! She entrusts them with her casts, so that they weave their silk cocoons as close as possible to her sculptures. All she has to do then is to flood them with light.
A dialogue is born between a woman and nature.

In 2021, her light sculpture "Emergence II" has joined the French government's Mobilier National collections.

Photo credit : Patrick Fouque



2021 | Light Sculpture ‘‘Emergence II‘‘ | Mobilier National (The French government collections)

Selected Exhibitions

Prochaines Correspondances | Le Point G by Galerie Gosserez | Paris, France

Libres Courbes | Le point G by Galerie Gosserez | Paris, France
Symphonie Pastorale | Le point G by Galerie Gosserez | Paris, France
Entrance Installation PAD Paris | Galerie Gosserez | Paris, France
PAD Paris | Galerie Gosserez | Paris, France
The Invisible Collection x Mobilier National | Galerie Gosserez | Paris, France

PAD London | Galerie Gosserez | London, UK
PAD Paris | Galerie Gosserez | Paris, France
Christie's Paris x Galerie Gosserez | Christie’s Paris | Paris, France
Presentation of the Laureates, Acquisition campagne 2021 | Mobilier National  | Paris, France

DIANE DE KERGAL: ‘‘VERS SOI‘‘ | Galerie Gosserez | Paris, France
GURU – Today's Craft & Design Fair | Galerie Gosserez | Cornette de Saint Cyr Paris, France

GALERIE GOSSEREZ : 2010 - 2020 | Galerie Gosserez | Paris, France


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