Laurentine Périlhou

Laurentine Périlhou

Laurentine Périlhou is an artist and thread craftswoman specializing in macramé techniques.
She learned the art empirically from a Chilean craftsman during a trip to South America in 2009. Unexplored in the diversity of forms it can take, she brings this manual textile art, based on a succession of knots, into her world.

She began her career with ornamental creations combining fine stones and macramé. Then in 2018, she put her savoir-faire to work in the worlds of objects, space, and fashion for perennial or ephemeral, high-end, and luxury projects. Hence able to explore a wide range of universes, she collaborates with some of the world's finest fashion houses, including Jean-Paul Gaultier, Loewe, Balmain, and Dior.

Since 2021, along with her bespoke commissions, she has been developing a personal artistic approach centered on vegetal themes. Wildflowers and clovers grow on her canvases, with meticulous craftsmanship becoming the medium through which ideas take shape.



2023 Homo Faber Guide
2021 | Laureate in the Arts & Craft category | Banque Populaire Foundation
2020 | Laureate in the Textiles category | Académie des Savoir-Faire | Fondation d'Entreprise Hermès
2013 | Designer of the year | Paris Capitale de la Création
2011 | Award for the Young creation  | Arts & Craft for innovation and technical mastery | Ateliers d'Art de France

Special projects

2023 | Window dressing for the Hermès store | Hambourg, Allemagne
2023 | Production of a dress for the Balmain x Beyoncé made-to-measure collection | France
2022 | Sampling for Dior Haute Couture | France
2020 - 2015 | Display stands for the L'Art et la Matière collection by Guerlain | International


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Blüten Pracht | Galerie Handwerk | Munich, Germany

Mémoire Désir | Centre d’Art Gallifet | Aix en Provence, France
Révélations | Ateliers d’Art de France | Grand Palais | Paris, France


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