Damien Gernay

Damien Gernay

Damien Gernay was born in 1975. He studied design at Ecole Supérieure des Arts Saint-Luc Tournai in Belgium. From 2003 to 2005, Gernay was an artist-in-residence at Le Fresnoy, National Studio for Contemporary Arts in Tourcoing. In 2007, he established his own design studio in Brussels.

Damien Gernay’s work is highly experimental. His larger oeuvre focuses on materiality, texture, and ambiguity. Close to the considerations of a painter or a sculptor, the imponderable plays a decisive role in his practice. The error is accepted and assimilated, making each piece unique with its own history, complexities, and intimate paradoxes. He combines control with spontaneity, mixing the smooth with the rough.

Damien Gernay exhibits frequently, including at fairs such as the PAD Paris and London, ICFF in New York, Milan Design Week, and institutions such as Triennale de Milano, Ghent Design museum... His works are now displayed in the permanent collections of Ghent Design Museum and of ADAM - Brussels Design Museum. 


Photo credit: Jonas Loellmann


Selected Exhibitions

Libres Courbes | Le point G by Galerie Gosserez | Paris, France
Symphonie Pastorale | Le point G by Galerie Gosserez | Paris, France
PAD Paris | Galerie Gosserez | Paris, France

PAD London | Galerie Gosserez | London, UK
L’Or Vert | Galerie Gosserez | Paris, France
Christie’s Paris x Galerie Gosserez | Christie's Paris | Paris, France 
PAD Paris | Galerie Gosserez | Paris, France

Verisimilitude | MIMA Museum | Brussels, Belgium
GURU – Salon Craft Design | Galerie Gosserez  | Cornette de Saint Cyr, Paris, France
GALERIE GOSSEREZ : 10 ans Après... | Galerie Gosserez | Paris, France

GALERIE GOSSEREZ : 2010 - 2020 | Galerie Gosserez | Paris, France

Les Garages Numériques | Bourse | Brussels, Belgium
Noir Brussels by atelier Jespers | Art Brussels | Brussels, Belgium
PAD Paris | Galerie Gosserez | Paris, France
La Promenade du Collectionneur II | Galerie Gosserez | Le Meurice, Paris, France

PAD London | Galerie Gosserez | London, UK
Between Art and Design. The Belgian scene | KANAL x Centre Pompidou | Brussels, Belgium
Design Generations. Intersections 5 | ADAM Museum | Brussels, Belgium
PAD Paris | Galerie Gosserez | Paris, France
Collectible | Galerie Gosserez | Brussels, Belgium
PAD Genève | Galerie Gosserez | Geneva, Switzerland

Art Elysées | Atelier Jespers | Paris, France
PAD London | Galerie Gosserez | London, UK
PAD Paris | Galerie Gosserez | Paris, France
Submersion | Musée des Arts décoratifs | Paris, France
Révélations | Grand Palais | Paris, France

Tendencies - Belgian Art in the Digital Age | Bozar | Brussels, Belgium
Belgian Matters | Palazzo Litta | Milan, Italy
PAD Paris | Galerie Gosserez | Paris, France

Design Derby Nl-Be | Design museum | Gent, Belgium
Manifesto | Brussels, Belgium.

Reflections | Triennale de Milano | Milan, Italy

Tales of heroes | Hong Kong, China
A materia das nuvens | MuBE museum | Sao Paulo, Brasil
Skin touch | Cornette de Saint Cyr | Brussels, Belgium
The tool box | La Triennale di Milano | Milan, Italy
Das wilde denken | Berlin, Germany

M&O | Paris, France
Belgian design on tour | Liège, Belgique

Prelude 01 a dialogue | Basel, Switzerland
Milan Design Week | Milan, Italy
5 years of 101% designed in Brussels | Milan, Italy
Dialogues | BACC | Bangkok, Thailand
Kick ceramic | Cultuurcentrum t’Vondel | Hal, Belgium


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