Building on her early years as an antique dealer as well as an auctioneer, and driven by her lifelong passion for decorative arts, Marie-Bérangère Gosserez founded in 2010 a contemporary design gallery. Having an eye for esthetics, she identifies and discovers singular talents with a particular vision.

At a crossroads between art, design and sculpture, Galerie Gosserez exhibits the works of artists and designers who challenge, question and stretch the boundaries of shapes, textures and materials. Those rare pieces of contemporary furniture, sometimes practical and serviceable, sometimes sculptural and expressive, are always intended for an international clientele. Rubbing shoulders with fine craftsmanship, these unique or limited edition pieces highlight and foster excellence in art and craft.

With great attention to detail and foolproof accuracy, Galerie Gosserez also supports the elaboration of special projects and bespoke designs for collectors and interior architects on the lookout for a unique art-de-vivre.

Galerie Gosserez won several international Prizes:
- PAD London 2013
- PAD London 2017

Several designers of the gallery have also entered the collections of French national institutions such as the Mobilier National (Valentin Loellmann, Vincent Poujardieu, Diane de Kergal and Pierre Lapeyronnie), the French Embassy in the United States - La Villa Albertine in New York (Vincent Poujardieu) and the Museum of Decorative Arts in Paris (Roxane Lahidji).

Photo Credit: Ludovic Maisant