Joël Savry

Joël Savry

Joël Savry is a French painter, interior architect and designer. He graduated from the Institut d'Art Visuel in Orléans and from the Ecole des Beaux-Arts in Paris before teaching art classes, being in charge of visual communications for the Thêatre de l'Est in Paris and exhibiting his paintings in several French art galleries. 

In 2000, he created Atelier Joël Savry, a research laboratory for decorative materials that he then applied to interior architecture projects - his other passion. For the most part of a decade, he collaborated with all major architecture agencies, creating new textures for the luxury and fashion industries, for museums and for private clients. In 2009, he decided to go a step further and he opened his own interior architecture agency, devoted to his private clients. 

Joël is now entire devoted to artistic creation. His furniture designs are the illustrations of his own sensory internal universe. Shape, movement and gestures are important components of his work, hence the simple and organic lines of his pieces of furniture. In creating an mysterious interplay between different materials, he also question the idea of time in relation to memory.