Raphaël Groelly & Réjean Peytavin

Raphaël Groelly & Réjean Peytavin

Raphaël Groelly was born in Seine-et-Marne in 1988, while Réjean Peytavin was born in Haute-Savoie in 1986. They both graduated from Créapole, a Parisian Institution of Applied Arts and Design, and have been working and living in Paris ever since. 

Raphaël launched himself into Design working for José Levy at the National Manufactory of Sèvres and at the S.Bensimon gallery. In the complete opposite of contemporary standards, his sense of design is inpired by some strange and old-fashioned melancholy. As for Réjean, he worked first for Hitlon McConnico and Fabrice Hyber before opening his own practice. His style of design is in between mental fantasy and a poetics of everyday objects, which creates a domestic landscape tinted with irony and wrapped in a dream-like atmosphere. 
Since 2011, the both of them have been sharing a workshop where they can thrive individually. In 2013, they decided to collaborate on "Sur La Paille" a project that turned out to be the springboard they needed. "Sur La Paille" has been exhibited at the art fait Maison&Objet, in Belgium through Maison Parisienne, and even at the Trapholt Museum of Modern Art in Kolding, Denmark. Raphaël et Réjean define their work as a place where legends are born. Through their audacious craftsmanship, they invent new rituals that could belong to either fantasy or utopian worlds. 

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