Simone  Pheulpin

Simone Pheulpin

Born in Nancy in 1941, Simone Pheulpin lives and works in Paris and in the Vosges mountains. Her artworks result from an intuitive form of expression that is based on the flexibility and stiffness of a raw material - unbleached cotton. She cuts this unbleached cotton into strips that she assembles into surprising textile sculptures. Simone Pheulpin is a self-taught artist as she never went to art school, yet she has an absolute sense of sculpture. For more than thirty years, she has been able to shape strips of fabric and pins into those organic creations that look like rocks or reefs from another planet.  

Simone Pheulpin won the "Grand Prix de la Création de la Ville de Paris" in 2018 and the Honor Award from the "Loewe Foundation Craft Prize" in 2018.

Her pieces have joined the prestigious collections of the Victor and Albert Museum (London), the Museum of Decoratives Arts (M.A.D in Paris) and the Art Institut of Chicago.

Photo crédits: Sophie Bassouls