Valentin Loellmann

Valentin Loellmann

Born in 1983 in Germany, Valentin Loellmann grew up in a family that encouraged creative expression. It was only natural that his artistic potential emerged from this conducive environment. Receptive, sensitive and infinitely curious, Valentin minutely studies his environment before translating his emotions into his designs. After graduating in 2010 from Maastricht Academy of Fine Arts, he founded his studio, supported by Galerie Gosserez, who realized the scope of his talent from the get-go. 

Between design, sculpture and fine cabinetmakign, Valentin selected wood for his favorite material. He works wood by hand, relentlessly, and confronts its natural warmth to copper, brass or even steel for an unexpected and innovative dialog. More and more present in the current artistic world, Valentin frequently exhibits, through Galerie Gosserez, at Art Basel, Collective New York, PAD Paris, PAD Geneva. In PAD London, he received the award of the "Most Beautiful Piece of Contemporary Design" in 2013 for his Spring/Summer console and in 2017 for his Copper corner bench. An increasing number of publications, interviews, and documentaires are devoted to his creative processes. All of these elements bear witness of an increasing recognition of his work for professional and private audiences alike.

In 2020, his "Brass" desk is now part of the French government's Mobilier National collections and is presented at the French Republic Elysée palace since 2021.

Photo credit: Jonas Loellmann

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