L&C Lab

L&C Lab

Clarisa Menteguiaga was born in Argentina in 1977. She studied Graphic Design at the University of Buenos Aires, Argentina, and in 2019, she completed her Master’s in Visual Arts at the Catholic University of Chile. In 2022, she moved to Santiago de Chile, where she did postgraduate studies in photography and engraving while attending several workshops on contemporary jewelry. 

Liliana Ojeda was born in Chile in 1974. She studied an MA in Jewellery & Silversmithing at the UCE, Birmingham, UK, and a BA in Fine Arts-Sculpture at the Catholic University of Chile. She won the Miss Emma Phipps Award from the British Jewellery Association.In 2014 she was recognized with the Seal of Excellence for Craftmanship in Chile.

Clarisa Menteguiaga & Liliana Ojeda share a critical yet hopeful vision. They developed a common interest in research and experimentation through the use of materials they collect and recycle from their environment. Together, they won the Chile Government Art Funds in 2021 to develop "Biomater", an eco-design installation project encapsulating their principles.