Elise Gabriel & Bertrand Gravier

Elise Gabriel & Bertrand Gravier

They meet in 2003 during their design studies. Since then, in parallel with their respective projects, they have teamed up from time to time to respond to orders: space planning, scenography, furniture etc. Rich in their complementary experiences in the fields of industrial production, limited series and events, they have started to develop together a collaboration with the Jean cardboard factory, the starting point for the “Corps creux” furniture collection.

Elise Gabriel was born in 1985. She graduated from École Duperré (Paris) in 2006, from École Boulle (Paris) in 2008 and from École Normale Supérieure (Cachan) in 2009.
Bertrand Gravier was born in 1983. He graduated from ESDMAA (Yzeure) in 2005 and from École Boulle (Paris) in 2007.

In June 2022, their stool "Osselet" entered the permanent collections of the Musée des Arts décoratifs in Paris.