Marei Rei


19/10/2018 - 12/01/2019

Location :
16 rue de Montmorency - 75003 Paris

« Dis/-jointures »
The exhibition “DIS/-_JOINTURES” shows works by Marei Rei. Her woven and poured textile and concrete carpets are anagrams of materials that invite us to experience matter in its queer and multiple existence. By pouring light concrete, stitching and weaving concreted mass together with loose networks of threads, Marei Rei creates a situation in which compulsory and fixed functions can find themselves floating in a suspension of disbelief. An entanglement of controversial time duration in production, different sources of knowledge of crafts and technologies; a re(con)figuration that opens the readability towards multilayerd perspectives.

Who is Marei Rei ?
Marei Rei interweaves hard and soft dis- /agreeing materials into sensible fabrics of uncertain and possible connections. For her the creation of a fabric is a form of dedication; the expansion of use a form of dealing with, and the entanglement of differences an act of bringing together. Through re-writing conventional descriptions of use and reinventing generalized attributions she shifts the usual patterns of behaviour and thinking into an space of unknowing, where the hierarchies and distinctions of properties of matter attributions collapse and adapt to the needs of a new situation: solid becomes flexible, sand is replaced by ash and heavy becomes light. Her carpets are rooted in a practice in which the possibility of knowledge in the same way as the material and its underlying attributes and composition are kept open: flexible, uncertain and possible – thus vibrant.