Céline Salomon

Céline Salomon

Celine Salomon is a french designer and ceramist. After graduating in architecture in 2013, a few years later, she changed scale by training in porcelain, notably during a two-year stay in Jingdezhen, China. Upon her return, she sets up her own design studio.

All her pieces are handmade and reflect Celine Salomon's attention to detail and rigorous execution.
The starting point is always the material: it suggests a shape, never the opposite. Throughout the creative process, gestures convey the emotions and inspirations of the moment. The presence of the hand remains visible right to the end, from drawing to prototype to model. Each piece, composed of organic curves or architectural lines, retains the scale of the human body. Architecture and nature are the dual sources of inspiration for her work. 

As an explorer, she questions the quiet strength of ceramics by combining it with other raw materials. This new impulse far from traditional uses, gives rise to singular furniture and lighting pieces quickly exhibited at the world's leading fairs: Design Miami/Basel, Design Miami/Paris, Salon Art + Design New York, PAD London...

In spring 2024, she will enter the artistic residence at the Villa Albertine in New York.



Prochaine Correspondance | Le Point G by Galerie Gosserez | Paris, France
Villa Albertine | New York, US

Design Miami / Basel | Miami, US
The Salon | Salon Art + Design | New York, US
PAD London | London, UK
Design Miami / Basel  | Basel, Switzerland
PAD Paris | Paris, France


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